Ratan Tata-backed Repos Energy launches mobile EV charging solution

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    New Delhi: Ratan Tata-backed mobile energy distribution startup Repos Energy on Saturday announced the launch of an organic waste-powered ‘mobile electric charging vehicle’ solution. 

    For this, Repos has signed a memorandum of understanding with ‘waste to power’ organisation Urja Biosystem Pvt Ltd and Batx Energy Pvt Ltd for mobile distribution of clean electrical power to EVs through second-life batteries.

    Repos proposes to create an ecosystem that facilitates the delivery of all forms of energy at the doorstep of end consumers with the help of technology. 

    The latest solution from the company has rooted out the need of land, capital and long gestation period associated with the physical energy distribution infra. More than 5 crore litres of fuel is already distributed through the Repos platform which has resulted in a total saving of 14.85 million kg of carbon emissions. Repos said mobile energy distribution is the future and the fastest way to make new(clean) forms of energy reach the end-user.

    “We are proud to launch our customised Mobile Electric charging solution, which uses old recycled batteries to promote Green EV. It is designed as a fast-charging network available any day, anytime, anywhere in the city. The charging solution would form the infrastructure backbone for a growing EV ecosystem and easily provide customers with energy-efficient options. Our smart charging solution balances individual, corporate and community usage,” said Chetan Walunj, founder and CEO, Repos.

    Repos’s new ‘Green Mobile Electric charging vehicle’ accumulates power generated through waste into recycled second life batteries and then carries out the distribution through mobile electric charging vehicles. 

    About  75% of electrical power in India is generated through burning of coal and then using this power to charge EVs will do no good for the desired purpose, said Aditi Bhosale Walunj, founder and chief visionary officer. “Also the E-waste through batteries is huge in the country. We need to find solution to these problems first and that is why we have come up with this solution of ‘Waste to power’ fuelled ‘Mobile Electric Charging Vehicles’ where power produced through waste is stored in recycled 2nd life batteries which in turn are mounted on a mobile vehicles used as a charging station for end consumers. The entire process ensures negligible carbon emissions thus serving the overall purpose of the carbon neutral future.”


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