Downside To Majority Of Currency Pairs

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    As written Sunday, from 0.7120 shorts achieved 0.7053 then broke below vital 0.7023. The target from break at 0.7023 was 0.6993 then long to 0.7013. AUD/USD dead stopped this morning at 0.6990 then 0.7013. Perfect trading and many pips.

    AUD/USD big break for higher is now 0.7029 to target 0.7049, 0.7059 and a big line at 0.7067. remains extremely overbought and is the driver to lower AUD/USD and short rallies. Today’s bottoms are located at 0.6992 and 0.6987. For the week, AUD/USD has every ability to trade to 0.6970 and 0.6951.

    traded to target at 0.6409 then broke below vital 0.6379. The target at 0.6290 traded to lows at 0.6323 so far. NZD/USD Big break for higher is located at 0.6386 and targets 0.6415 and 0.6444. NZD has every ability to trade to 0.6285 and 0.6271 then long to target 0.6329.

    Overbought AUD/USD and NZD/USD remain drivers to and but primarily due from overbought AUD/EUR and . EUR/USD and GBP/USD lacked any choice except to trade lower.

    AUD/USD and NZD/USD were winners yesterday by trading 114 and 100 pips Vs EUR/USD at 99 and GBP/USD at 98. was typically absent on big trade days as total pips traded 103.

    Big winner yesterday was at 223 pips then 180, 160, 218, 160 and at 150. The upside as written Sunday was about 160 pips.

    GBP Bottoms are located at 1.1988 and 1.1981. Upside targets are found at 1.2051, 1.2094 then 1.2129 and 1.2147. GBP/USD overall range remains 1.2168 to 1.2020 or a 10 pips change from Sunday.

    Long remains the GBP/USD strategy.

    EUR/NZD and GBP/NZD trades deeply oversold and in the same position to start the week from Sunday. EUR/AUD and GBP/AUD also trade deeply oversold . GBP/AUD trades 100 pips higher from the Sunday open at 1.7023 and EUR/AUD 60 ish pips higher. Wide rangers contain a long way to travel higher.

    GBP/CAD and EUR/CAD trade fairly neutral. Longs for GBP/CAD are located at 1.5481 or in the vicinity and EUR/CAD at 1.3029 and 1.3045.

    EUR/USD Broke below 1.0175 and traded to 1.0133. EUR/USD Bottoms are located at 1.0113, 1.0115 and 1.0230 and 1.0128.

    EUR/USD and GBP/USD are both oversold and in compliance to EUR and GBP cross pairs.

    traded 100 pips yesterday. Lower must cross below 106.62, 106.04 and anove 107.39.

    traded 168 pips yesterday and lower must break 1.2834. USD/CAD trades deeply overbought and remains a problem currency.

    trades safely below 136.94 and oversold. Same story for oversold and big break at 161.89. No changes to EUR/JPY nor GBP/JPY. approaches oversold at 93.47, at 84.60 while achieved oversold at 103.62.

    held 0.9009 and traded lows to 0.9033. Today’s big break is at 0.8989. 0.8185 broke to 0.8166 lows and 0.8191 is required to trade higher.

    Overall downside to a vast majority of our currency pairs are about 50 pips then watch out as deeply oversold contains easy ability to trade much higher.

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